Winter time in the north is prime time for wildlife intrusions in your homes and barns.  Squirrels, mice, raccoons and even a stray cat or two will all be on the lookout for a warm place to lay their head.  This does not mean that your home has to play host or hostess to any of them.  The question lies in how to safely remove the extra wildlife that has taken residence without harm to your existing pets.

Neither invasion of your home is easier to get rid of then the next.  However, prevention is often simpler when it comes to ridding a home of spiders, cockroaches or bees.  When it comes to larger wildlife we try to remove them and preventing them from returning in the most humane way possible.  Trapping is the most common way to catch the culprit.  The problem with wildlife in the winter is that you are most likely not dealing with a lone squirrel or one mouse you are dealing with a family.

As an exterminator I have seen this scenario played out all too frequently; a squirrel at home in your attic is caught and the area sealed off and yet a few days later you are still hearing that all too familiar sound in the attic.  The squirrel isn’t back but the nests of babies are hungry and without mom and dad coming in and out to feed them they are getting restless.  Worse yet, weeks later the over powering smell of decay and dead animals.  Don’t fall victim to this.

A trained professional will come in to your home, evaluate the scene and proceed accordingly.  An exterminator knows exactly what signs to look for when dealing with wildlife invading your home to track if you are dealing with more than one menace.  They will help determine points of entry and remove the entire nest with the mom relocating them to a place other than your home.  Relocating the mother or babies on their own will create different problems.  A mother squirrel will do anything she needs to do to rejoin her family even if that means pulling up roofing etc.  Once in your home again, where she does not find her family, she will be left to creating the havoc she was before you trapped her.

This is one reason it is important that homeowners look to the professionals when it comes to removing wildlife from their homes.  Winter brings out wildlife looking for warmth and the thaw of spring brings on more common pest and insect infestations such as ants, spider and fleas.  Spring is the time for all of those nasty pests to awaken out of their winter slumbers.  Prevention is the key in extermination.  Yes, we can treat and remove all pests from cockroaches to bed bugs but preventing the homeowners the hassle of dealing with the pest in the first place is our first priority.  Call a local pest control company before issues arrive.  Exterior power defense applications can be applied to your home making your home undesirable. We provide homeowners with the best case scenario when it comes to common pests, none at all.