It is hard to believe but spring is right around the corner.  Many homeowners get the itch for an upgrade to their landscaping when spring hits the north.  It may be our itch to get outside or our desire to see lush green lawns with dark brown mulch after the white landscape we grow accustomed to in the winter.  When contemplating a new landscape design consider if you are going to do the work yourself or if you are looking to hire a professional landscaper.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question as there are definite advantages and disadvantages to both.

There are certain conditions it is better to hire a landscaper.  One of those is if you are planning a major change to a larger area of your lawn.  At first it might seem like it would be more expensive to hire someone however, when you take into consideration the amount of time and money you will spend trying out different options you are probably saving yourself a chunk hiring someone.  A professional will make sure things are done correctly the first time.  There is no need for trial and error.

It is also better to hire a professional if you have a particular style in mind for your new lawn.  Creating a theme or particular style is often difficult and a professional landscaper will be able to design and layout the different options available before money is spent on plants and accessories for the landscape.

A landscape designer does all of the work from preparations to final installations.  This flow allows the lawn to develop more naturally. Their experience is necessary when choosing appropriate plants to thrive in your lighting and soil.  Think of all the time and money that is wasted if you install plants that are not appropriate for the level of sun, rain or soil nutrients you have.  All of this is foreign to most homeowners.  Even with research we often over calculate the sun shade ratio and water allotment that will be needed to grow a beautiful landscape.

I do believe that most homeowners can take on the challenge of landscaping on a smaller scale such as when you are looking for a little change.  Installing a Koa pond for instance is not a huge monetary investment and is something that is easy enough to achieve in a long weekend.  Home supply stores sell kits that basically make it fool proof.

When you are looking to create an oasis in a small backyard and have the time to learn the art of landscape then by all means as a homeowner take it on.  When your canvas is small there is not a lot of room to make mistakes.  Large designs require detailed instructions that are just not necessary when talking about a smaller space.

Hiring a lawn maintenance team is well worth the extra funds when you are lounging on the beach instead of pruning trees or mowing lawns.  Once the initial design for your lawn is in place consider hiring a lawn care company to maintain the art that was created in your landscape.  Curb appeal is the number one seller of homes and trust me lush well maintained green lawn enhances the curb appeal of any home.