Is there one time of the year that is better than another to have a new roof installed on your house?

This question is one that roofing contractors get all the time.  The truth is that we work year round.  When you need your roof replaced we are there to serve our clients.  If your roof needs to be repaired or replaced during the winter, summer spring or fall we will be there to make it happen.  We know when it comes to replacing your roof that most homeowners try to extend the life of their roof for as long as possible leaving it dire when it finally needs to be done.

As a roofing contractor the best time for me to replace your roof is a time in which you are prepared.  A new roof is not a decision that should be rushed into and ought to be planned for.  The spring, summer and fall seasons are the busiest time for us as roofers as such I won’t be able to cut you the type of deal we can in the colder months.  Most people don’t consider getting a new roof in the winter months as a viable option.  This is however not the case.

In the winter we have more flexibility to accommodate your new roof or roof repair.  In the warmer months there is often a number of roofs that need to replaced often leaving us to have to schedule your roof up to a month out.  This is also when unqualified roofing contractors come out of the wood work.  During the summer if a roofer is able to squeeze you in right away chances are that roofer is not someone you actually want doing your roof.

Another advantage to installing your new roof during the winter months above and beyond price and availability is that you will get to choose from the cream of the crop of local roofers.  With winter being a slower time of year for roofers you can interview several and make a decision based on their price, time frame and previous work done.  Winter roof maintenance or an entirely new roof leaves you with options where as other times you are left getting what is available instead of what you necessarily want.

Homeowners are often concerned about the warranties on their new asphalt composite shingles.  Put your mind at ease with the knowledge that roofing material manufactures do not base their warranties on the temperature or time of year the roof was installed.  Roofing material warranties are the same whether they are installed in the mild spring, hot summer or chill of winter. One thing to note though is that shingles need to go through a sealing process which does take temperatures over forty degrees Fahrenheit.  Believe it or not this is not unfathomable even here in the north.  A solid day of warm temperatures will seal your new shingle roof.

Most local roofing contractors are happy to assist their clients any time of year.  Their best services should be their only services so no matter if roofing is done in the dead of winter or the middle of summer your roof ought to be installed properly and efficiently.