Winter is a true buyer’s market for real estate.  Spring and summer sales show that homes are in high demand during those seasons. What this means to buyers is that even though more homes are on the market more people are looking to buy.  This makes winter home purchases a better option for buyers, especially ones with a limited budget that don’t want to have to settle because of the competition to buy homes.  The pool of homes available is not as large in the winter and holiday months however the amount of people looking to buy a home is much smaller.


With spring and summer being the most popular time of year for real estate most sellers will wait to put their home on the market until then.  This of course means fewer homes for sale during the winter months however when a seller puts their home on that market in the winter there is usually a really good reason that they need to sell.  Reasons such as a job relocation can motivate sellers which can serve as a great advantage to buyers.


With fewer winter home buyers the competition to purchase a home is less which means that you aren’t in as big of a rush to put an offer in on a home.  It alleviates the stress that goes along with buying something without having adequate time to consider the decision.


Another bonus to purchasing a home in winter is that it allows you to see how the home holds up through the cold temperatures.  Many homes have issues in the winter that would not be visible in the summer such as a chill in the home or drafty windows. Winter allows you to really check out the homes heating system to ensure that the home heats each space evenly.  Winter fitness for your home is something that is incredibly important especially for homes in the north and north east regions of the United States where temperatures often drop below zero.


Purchasing a home during the off-season also means that real estate agents are a bit more flexible to meet with you and to focus on your needs.  With fewer buyers and sellers to focus on their attention can be on you and finding a home that fits with all of your needs.  It also means that people within the sector of helping facilitate a home purchase and a move will be more accessible.  A closing date and time on a mortgage in the dead of winter is a lot more flexible than one that is being made to accommodate several other lenders, buyers and sellers.


Although the curb appeal of most homes is a lot bleaker in winter the advantage of buying a home is that you can ensure that the neighborhood is maintained during the winter months.  It is probably to say that a neighborhood in which roads are plowed, driveways shoveled and sidewalks cleared is more likely to have pristine landscaping in the spring and summer.


The ice and snow might make your picture something other than the wonderment that comes with purchasing a new home.  However, you can be guaranteed to see things a bit different when you are free of the hassle and stress that comes along with the competition of buying a home in the summer.