What does a knife represent to you?  As a sportsman and avid outdoorsman a solid knife can mean the difference between life and death.  A quality camping knife can not only save you from a zombie attack but also can assist in building a shelter, creating a fire, killing food, digging holes and so much more.  If you dream it your knife can help you accomplish it.  It is essential for all hunters, backpackers, mountaineers and fisherman to carry a knife meant to be of assistance and aid in surviving the outdoors.

When choosing a survival, hunting or camping knife you should consider the blades size.   In the case of knives size matters especially when it comes to the blade.  There is not an ideal or perfect size blade for everyone.  The size blade that you decide upon will depend upon how you are going to use the knife.  If the knife is to be used for a bunch of different purposes consider purchasing more than one knife.

A large sturdy blade is essential in a camping knife that is intended to cut through limbs and larger wood pieces to build fire and shelter.  A large knife blade is also useful when it comes to spearing food and for clearing pathways; all crucial when it comes to your survival in the elements.

A small knife blade is better suited to help you with skinning fish and dressing small game.  A delicate knife blade works to carve tools that assist in survival as well as creating animal snares.  Large knife blades would be too bulky and cumbersome for more delicate purposes.

Whether the knife blade is foldable or fixed is also important when it comes to a knives strength and dependability.  A fixed blade knife is by far more durable than a folding knife.  Folding knife mechanisms tend to create weakness; tools with joints that bend they are more likely to rupture.  If you will be using the knife to cut, pound or pry it is important that the blade is stable and unwavering.  This can be found in a fixed blade knife.

When choosing a fixed blade knife, only consider a full tang knife blade.  A full tang blade creates the best bond available in a knife.  A full tang knife blade is all made form one piece of steel from the handle to the blade.  It is nearly impossible for a full tang blade to split where as a fixed blade knife that is created from two pieces can come apart easily.

Think about dagger style knives verse single edge knife blades.  A dagger style appears to be tough, powerful and mighty however a traditional style blade with one sharp edge and one dull edge is better for the outdoors.  In the wilderness a knife needs to be able to crush, pressure needs to be applied to the blunt edge to create enough force to cut through the desired object.  If the knife is dagger style this is not possible.

Finding a knife that matches your wants and needs is the most important goal in choosing an ideal camping and survival knife.   Using the tips above should leave you finding a perfect camping knife in no time at all.