When fire damage wreaks havoc on a home something is lost that is not replaceable on any level and that is the homeowner’s peace of mind.  Even after the flames have been put out when the time comes to look around and be grateful that loves ones are safe homeowners still have a huge sense of loss within them.  Losing security when it comes to the place called home is something hard to get over.  It is hard to believe that someday normal will happen again as far as the daily routine.  The question on most homeowner’s mind after a house fire is where to begin starting over.

The first issue at hand is to call your insurance agent and ask for assistance in finding the basic necessities regarding shelter, clothes for the family and food.  In some instances the fire damage to the home is minimal or at least sustained in a few rooms in which case homeowner’s and their families are able to enter, once declared safe, to retrieve necessities.  It is important to leave anything that is vulnerable to contamination such as food, even if it has remained sealed.

Your insurance agent will be able to go over the very specific details of the policy that the home is insured under.  This will determine compensation for damage done from the fire.  This usually includes relocation if it is determined that the home will be uninhabitable for any length of time.  This housing may be a hotel for more short term needs or a rental home if it is thought that you will be without shelter for a while.

The next step in the process is assessing the actual damage done by the fire and the water damage from putting out the fire.  An adjuster will come out, once the insurance agent contacts them, and will note all of the damage to the home and possessions inside of the home. As a homeowner you also have the right to hire a public adjuster who will come through and asses the home as well.  This may end up netting the homeowner a bigger claim than what would be given when only dealing with the insurance company and adjuster they have hired.

Once this is squared away you are able to start rebuilding your home as well as your life.  This process clearly will take some time.  It is necessary to hire an emergency restoration company that can come in and help to salvage pieces of value to you and your family.  Restoration specialists can provide assistance in every direction you may need after a fire damages your family’s home.  Fire restoration services will provide fast clean up for the parts of your home left standing better preparing to restore the function of your home back to normal sooner.

Fire and smoke restoration professionals can find a way to salvage a good deal of items within the space.  Smoke may have seeped into cabinets and furniture even if they were not directly damaged by the fire or water they are still damaged to you.  Restoration professionals will be able to restore these items.  They will also work with homeowners to restore their peace of mind with such suggestions as fire ladders in second story rooms and fire detectors in every room within the home as well as hallways.  Some larger rooms they may even recommend more than one alarm be installed.  Life after a house fire is completely possible and your insurance agent and restoration specialist will assist you in making that happen sooner rather than later.