For most men shopping is a task they could avoid forever.  Purchasing trousers with a shirt that is a match is enough to put them into panic let alone when choosing a piece of jewelry that will solidify their relationship forever.  Picking out an engagement ring is difficult for most men especially those that are not comfortable with the shopping experience to begin with. Walking into a jewelry store for the first time can be a mixed bag if emotions and once sat down in front of a selection of rings can turn from just a bit uncomfortable to downright overwhelming.

When seeking out a place to purchase an engagement ring the first piece of advice I like to give is to look locally.  Often times the large a franchise the more difficult it is to get one on one attention.  Really what men in search of the perfect ring need, for his perfect match needs is someone who is there to listen, take in the man’s wants, needs and budget and supply them with suitable options. Small jewelry stores are more apt to give you this friendly one on one service and will recognize you and remember what you are looking for the next time you are in.  Online jewelry companies can often offer you more bang for your buck as well.  It is a good idea to think outside the box when it comes to shopping large retailers.

Here are some tips to take in with you when you are in search of the perfect ring to take your relationship to the next level.  This information will help you no matter if you are in search of a beautiful halo engagement ring or a simple, yet classic diamond solitaire.

The first thing is to do away with the rule that states you should outlay three months worth of your income on a diamond.  In today’s economy this is a myth.  For some women this is not necessarily what they would desire anyhow.  When you have found the perfect women to spend your life with set a ring budget and find something she will adore within it. The fact is that the perfect ring may not cost all of what you think it will why spend three months income on this one item when in the coming months you will need every penny to contribute to the day you say I do.

The first thing you will hear when you research a diamond is the lesson on the four C’s of diamond shopping; cut, clarity, color and carat.  You will be flooded on information when it comes to each area of diamonds.  When considering the cut of the diamond you will also need to consider the setting in which the diamond will be placed and the style your wife to be will desire.  The cut is the most important item to determine because the cut of the diamond will determine the sparkle.  Sparkle trumps size.  Really shiny, brilliant cut jewelry appears larger than pieces that are bigger carat wise but the cut leaves something to be desired.

Here is another secret to consider.  Many people think that diamonds can only be purchased on the carat or half carat.  This is simply not true.  You may save yourself hundreds of dollars by purchasing a diamond ring that is .95 of a carat over 1 carat with the only visible difference being the money in your wallet.  These differences are not even noticeable to people who will be mesmerized by the sparkly new bling your wife to be is possessing.

Make sure your purchase is returnable.  Not that we think she will say no but just encase you have picked out something that leaves her less than thrilled.  This inevitably is a piece she will wear forever and you want her to be happy in the long run.  Don’t let your manhood be hurt if she does decide she would rather have something different just remember the how daunting the process was from the start.  She will appreciate your effort and be grateful to find something that better suits her tastes.