The winter season is upon the north.  Many of us are starting to get buried under piles of snow and are soon to be locked inside hoping for a break in the freezing temperatures.  It is the perfect time to make sure that all electrical systems have been inspected for potential electrical component problems.  Proper maintenance and regular upkeep on the industrial electrical systems in your home will prevent having to find emergency maintenance service when temperatures are below freezing when being without heat or electricity is dire.  Proper preventative maintenance on electrical systems can prevent a disaster later on.

Why should proper preventative maintenance on electrical systems be performed?

The power requirements, during the winter months, are far greater than any other time of the year.  There is a constant struggle to keep industrial buildings warm in order to prevent electrical systems used in the operation of the business running efficiently.  All the while industrial facility’s and plant managers are looking to improve their efforts to lower power consumption and reduce expenses overall.  Programmable logic controllers should be employed by industrial companies to be trained and specialized in the equipment used throughout the facility.

With the above goals in mind there are a variety of issues, as listed below, that can be prevented with proper electrical preventative maintenance.

  • Circumvent electrical shorts that can lead to fires. When a current is overloaded electrical short circuits can occur. This could potentially lead to starting an electrical fire.  To avoid this remove any wires that have become exposed.  It is also important that load imbalances are avoided.  Excessive heat buildup, arcing and explosions can occur.
  • Detect electrical components that are running hot or not running according to the specifications stated. Before an electrical component fails it will most likely start to run hot.  Check running components such as transformers, motors, bearings and wires.  If it noted that they are running warmer than specified it is time to think about preventative replacement.  Refurbished electrical components can be purchased at a discount to allow industrial equipment to keep running efficiently without the expense of new components or replacement equipment.
  • Check for any loose connections. A loose connection on any piece of equipment can lead to fluctuations in power causing erratic operations and uneven power distribution between the wires.

Preventative maintenance should be a full time position that is filled by a trained specialist.  This one position can save the company both time and money.  With regular equipment maintenance companies are able to avoid unplanned downtime.  This leads to more regular production, better customer services and is cost effective.  Buying new equipment, down time, decreased production and hiring emergency repair services are all incredibly costly for any company.  Simple, regularly scheduled maintenance along with the use of refurbished electrical components allow for smooth operation within manufacturing.

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