Does your business experience power outages on a regular basis?  Do you find yourself having to shut down operations because of power failures?  If this is the case in your business no matter how big or small you are it is important that you install a permanent generator to restore the power within seconds of an outage to prevent further business loss.

If you don’t wish to install a permanent solution a temporary generator can be installed to assist during a power outage.  Power outages are highly inconvenient and can cause major profit loss.  It is important to have either a permanent or temporary generator in place to restore power.  A temporary solution should be simple and hassle free to install when the power is interrupted.

When you are looking into either a temporary or permanent generator there are a few things to consider.  First determine what size load the generator will need to sustain in order to operate business at a satisfactory level.  If full capacity is desired you will need to purchase a larger generator over if you can just run a few functions to keep the business up and running.  What length cable will you need to purchase to run from the load to the generator?  Which critical loads within the business need to be restored to run efficiently?  Hire a professional electrician to install the temporary or permanent power option into the building’s electrical service.

The solution of a temporary generator is a quick and easy way to restore power to the electrical distribution system within your business.  With the installation of a transfer switch and a generator quick connect tab box your business can be up and running within ten minutes of the arrival of a portable generator.  This process allows for a safe transfer between standard and standby power sources.  It is important to keep your business functioning fully and this can be done with the installation of a temporary generator, transfer switch and quick connect tap box.  When there is a loss of power a system that allows for a fully resorted power system and your business can continue to run as usual.

If your business does not have a proper disaster recovery plan in place it is essential that you begin this process with the installation of a power back up. Even if you choose not to install a permanent generator an incident plan should be in place to ensure that the businesses day to day processes can continue.   Loss of power results in the loss of electricity.  Without electricity you are in unable to save data, preserve perishable items, ensure security or communication systems.  It is essential to operate any business that a backup solution to restore power is in place and easy to access when an emergency situation arises.

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