If you have a pool, you’ll need to cover it for winter, but how do you choose between options? Solid covers are slightly more expensive than their mesh counterparts since they are more secure. Solar covers or water bag covers are also viable options. Read on to learn more about the differences between pool covers.

Solid Covers
Almost completely airtight, these hefty covers will prevent debris, dirt, water, and sunlight from getting into the pool. Algae and other tiny microorganisms can thrive in pools during the fall and winter months. Solid covers prevent sunlight from entering; therefore, these organisms cannot grow. Cover pumps are required in this case, which will remove excess water (and melted snow) from the surface. Moreover, these covers inhibit pets, wildlife, or children from entering the pool. Solid covers can also be automatic, activating them by a flip of a switch. Low-profile aluminum covers can be mounted on the side of your pool with an inconspicuous lid above it.

Mesh Covers
These covers are best for heavy winter snowfall, as they are permeable. Melting snow, ice, and rain can percolate through the cover, preventing water accumulation on the surface. Smaller debris can still seep through the cover but can be removed with a pool vacuum in the spring. These covers are less expensive and lightweight, which makes installation a breeze.

Water Covers
If you’re undecided between a solid or mesh cover, a water cover might be a decent alternative. Filled with long water tubes or small bubbles, these covers are placed around the pool’s edge to ensure the water is kept in place. They are available in either mesh or solid material.

No matter which pool cover you choose, ensure you maintain it during the off-season by draining when necessary, checking the tension, and adjusting the fit.

Leaf nets can be used in either case to catch larger debris (leaves) before it collects on the cover. Especially in areas with a large number of trees, leaf nets are essential to ensure an easy cleaning process in the spring. Leaves are not terribly heavy, so these nets are straightforward and require minimal effort to remove.

Winter covers can save pool owners money in the spring. Choose carefully before deciding what will best meet your needs.

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