Revolution Ascend, GE Healthcare’s newest workflow, has officially been released. The technology extends clinicians a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) meant to automate and simplify otherwise time-consuming tasks. The goal is to deliver more individualized care to patients by freeing up physicians’ time.

The new, wider system can accommodate higher Body Mass Index (BMI) or trauma patients who would otherwise be too challenging to manipulate in a small gantry. 

Timothy P. Szczykutowicz, Ph. D., director of clinical operations and the CT Protocol Project at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, said, “The most time-consuming part of the CT experience isn’t the scan itself, but the steps that fall outside the scan. Within a typical 10 – 30 minute CT exam, the scan itself only takes a few minutes, and the remainder of the time is dedicated to patient prep – including positioning the patient and identifying the correct protocols and settings, plus image reconstruction and report time. Historically, these have been manual processes, putting them at risk of human error; however, AI offers new opportunities to automate workflows and expedite exams with the same or better results.”

The first step in the Revolution Ascend workflow is for the technologist to use an attached bar code reader to scan the patient’s chart. Once scanned, the patient’s information is automatically displayed on-screen, with applicable protocols recommended. Then, the CT technician initiates Auto Positioning, which creates a 3D model of the patient’s body using real-time depth-sensing technology. Auto Positioning also establishes the proper table elevation and cradle movements to ensure the center is in range with the bore’s isocenter. The new Clarity Operator Environment then suggests optimal scan range settings, dosage, and image quality personalized to each person.

Gladys Farias, Imaging Services Manager at Baptist Health in Miami, Florida, said, “Having Revolution Ascend is like having an extra set of hands – which are much needed in today’s healthcare environment. Not only do the system’s intelligent solutions help us expedite exams, but they also enable us to deliver a more comfortable and personalized experience for each patient. Technologists love it for its simplicity. Clinicians love it for its results. And patients love it for its fast exams and comfort.”

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