For many people, technology is the center of their attention span. Between televisions, computers, smartphones, ovens, dryers, tablets, security systems, dishwashers, etc., many aspects of our lives are assisted by an electronic device. As people expand the number of devices they own, power protection should increase as well. When they suddenly stop working, it can sometimes seem catastrophic.

Power surges are abrupt yet short-lived spikes in voltage that result in strong disruptive effects on the entire electrical system. Thousands of dollars worth of damaged electronics can result from these swift power surges. Typically caused by lightning strikes, power surges can also occur in small instances that damage equipment over time.

Read on for some tips to protect your devices from power surges.

Protect electronics: Ensure power lines, phone lines, and television lines are protected, as well as outdoor items such as pool equipment, air conditioners, and landscape lighting.

Indoor surge protection: Beyond the outside surge protection, it’s imperative to safeguard the plugs as well. Surge protector strips can be used to protect electronics inside the building.

To protect your devices, lightning surge protectors installed by electricians can redirect surplus voltage and current into a grounding wire. While the 120 voltage runs through circuits, electronics are protected and won’t lose power through a surge.

Professional surge protection includes the following:

  • Facility Guards: highest level of protection – can handle surges up to 400,000 amps
  • Transient Limiters: commercial/industrial – can handle surges up to 100,000 amps
  • DC Surge Protectors: transient or significant surges – can handle surges up to 10,000 amps
  • Data Line Protectors: control/telephone lines
  • Hybrid Surge Protectors: specialized protection for process control or computers

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