I need help when it comes to accessories.  If you look up plain Jane in the dictionary you will see my picture.  Recently I sat down with a friend of mine who is a jeweler and talked about what pieces of jewelry were must have pieces for my jewelry box. I am honestly a novice.  I don’t fully understand why some women can be draped in jewelry and look amazing but others look like clowns.  There are other women who wear a pair of earrings and look dressed to the nines.  I wanted to know the secret to pulling it all together.

I am told the most important piece of jewelry in any women’s collection is a pair of elegant stud earrings.  Diamond stud earrings are classic, elegant and versatile.  The same is true of pair of pearl earrings.  Studs are an everyday go to earring that are classy and polished for the office when worn alone but jazzy and ready for the party at night when paired with other accessories.

Another piece that is essential in your jewelry wardrobe is a pair of hoop earrings.  Hoop earrings are casual when paired with a pair of blue jeans and dressy when warn with something more elegant.  Be careful to choose a pair of hoop earrings that fit you.  If you are a loud character bigger hoops can be pulled off however if you are subdued in character a smaller pair of hoops maybe the perfect piece for you.

When it comes to rings every women needs an outstanding cocktail ring in their jewelry collection.  It is important to note that a cocktail ring does not have to be oversized, big or loud.  What is important is that the piece has color and stands out.  A cocktail ring can be the center piece of your outfit.

Another piece that is essential is a long necklace.  A long necklace can easily be transitioned.  In order to make a necklace work for both day and night you can double the necklace or add pieces to layer it.  Longer necklaces using pendants are super elegant and add to the allure of a long necklace.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals and stones.  Pearls looks elegant with a variety of metals and stones.

A bracelet is another piece that every women should have in their jewelry collection.  From diamond tennis bracelets to solid gold chain bracelets your signature pieces should include a bracelet.  If you need access to a watch daily consider a watch that resembles bracelet.  Bangle watches are the perfect way to combine necessity with fashion.

Jewelry is so personal but following the suggestions above while combining your personal style will help you to achieve the best look.

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