There are so many thing to think about as you approach your golden years; health insurance, age in place modifications and social security to name a few.  It is funny how many people cannot wait to reach the age of retirement but once there find that the myriad of issues affecting them when they were young and their families growing are replaced with issues that aging brings to the forefront.

The concerns of health insurance as you head into retirement age lead you to contemplate the world of Medicare and Medigap Supplemental Insurance plans. Medicare is offered by the United State Government as a guaranteed form of health coverage for those you qualify.  One of the most well known requirements is turning the magic age of sixty-five.

Medicare Part A is given free of premium to qualified individuals where as Part B is offered at a premium. These main parts of Medicare cover the basics such as hospital and doctors.  In order to be covered fully for medical incidentals and out of the country coverage you will need to look into Medigap Supplemental Insurance.

Medigap Supplement Insurance is can be purchased through private insurance companies at a monthly premium.  There are many different plans and packages to examine to determine which plan offers the best coverage to meet the long term needs of participants.  Compare plans and view rates for Medigap Supplemental Insurance anytime online at