Seniors turning sixty five are faced with a myriad of decisions to make in regards to their future.  Health care, social security, retirement packages and the list could continue on.  The fact is that truing sixty five is a year full of changes for most seniors.  It is the year you go from being middle aged and classified as a senior citizen.  It is the year the Medicare takes effect for many qualified individuals. Medicare brings on a completely different set of decisions.

When you are sixty five and drawing Medicare benefits it is important to consider adding Medicare supplemental insurance on to your existing Medicare Part A and Part B commitment. Medicare supplement insurance kicks in where Medicare coverage does not.  This coverage is purchased at a premium from private insurance companies to cover the incidentals not covered by Part A and B.

Some of these could include care when visiting another country, private nursing care, blood transfusions or prescription drug coverage to name a few.  It is important that you meet with a Medicare supplement provider to go over exactly what your needs are and what policy would best fit them.  This will ensure you don’t end up with coverage you do not need or will not use.