They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but an education is worth a million. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, a little education could be worth drastically more than that. Every day, more and more people – the baby boomer generation – are becoming eligible for Medicare, and will need to wade through the morass of coverage available to seniors through various insurance agencies. And there is no shortage of people to tell you what to do with your money; when it comes to buying Medigap Supplemental Insurance Plans, though, it is best to deal with someone who is an advocate for you, not the insurance companies and other corporations which make their money off directing you to a specific set of insurers.

That is not the mission of Senior Health Direct. For over twenty years, this agency has been focused on Medicare and Medigap programs and insurance products in the senior market. Early on, Senior Health Direct recognized that internet sales would increase exponentially. While most of the net is simply designed to sell a product, their plan is to provide the customer with a one stop portal for buying and understanding what can be a confusing array from a variety of companies offering Medigap Supplement Insurance Policies.

Senior Health Direct’s mission is to help you navigate the Medigap supplemental insurance policies that you will be exposed to; they will help you evaluate the different plans available in your area, and work to secure you better rates than you could normally get, and to easily check the rates from various companies that operate in your area. Their job is to be an advocate for all their customers – not the insurance companies, but you, and to help you choose the best product at the best price.

When it comes to getting Medigap supplemental insurance plans, Senior Health Direct has a series of high value videos which will allow you to quickly learn the ins and outs of the Medicare and Medigap system. These videos should answer nearly any questions you might have, but they also have an excellently trained staff standing by at their number, 855-696-3344. Once you enter a bit of information, it is also very easy to shop the rates of the companies that offer this insurance in your area. This is the best way, along with comparing exact service details of the plans, for an individual to make the best choice.

Don’t base your insurance needs on the first insurance company you talk to – look at them and learn about the different policies and you will have a much better experience both in the short term and in the long term.

Senior Health Direct has made it their goal to act as an advocate to you, not the insurance companies, and your happiness is their success. They have a multi-step process to make sure that you are getting the exact coverage you need, and will help you wade through the fine print of any of the contracts which are available.