How do homeowners know it is finally time to replace their metal roofs?  Metal roofing is usually chosen over asphalt because of its longevity.  Many times the homeowners that initially install the metal roof are not the owners when it comes time to replace it.  It is necessary to be able to access the condition of the roof in order to decide if it is time for the roof to be replaced.  Below are some of the things to look for before you call in a roofing contractor to install a new roof.

Severe Rust

Metal roofing comes coated with a rust proof finish.  This however does not guarantee or prevent rust from forming.  Overtime the coating can degrade which will result in the formation of rust on the metal roof.  Metal roofing with excessive rust can detract from the aesthetics of an overall well-kept home.  If homeowners begin to see rust forming on their metal roof they should address the areas with additional rust treatments.  Eventually it may become cheaper to replace the roof rather than continually treating the rusting areas.

Fragile Roof Structure

Overall metal roofing has a longer lifespan over asphalt shingles.  This does not mean that the roof will not experience a gradual deterioration.  This happens because overtime the roof is exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Severe weather leads to excessive rust which then leads to a weakening in the roof structure.  When this occurs the only option is to replace the entire roof.  If you see holes starting to form in the metal the roof structure will start to weaken at a faster pace.  Be prepared to replace the roof within the year if not sooner to avoid the expense of structural roof replacement as well.


Unlike asphalt shingles metal roofing is held onto the roofs structure using bolts and screw to fasten it together.  Overtime the bolts and screws will loosen and break away.  This can cause a leak to occur which in turn can lead to water damage.  Water damage is unattractive and costly if left untreated.  It is more economical to replace the metal roof than repair constant water damage.  If the leaks are caught early it is possible to repair the hardware that has loosened.  The sooner the leak is discovered the less likely it is to cause long lasting water damage to the structure of the roof overall.

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