Having an in-ground swimming pool installed at your home is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.  The pool area offers fun, enjoyment and memories that will last your family a lifetime.  It is important that the pool environment is safe to ensure those memories are favorable ones.  The last thing anyone wants to relive is an accident that happens in or around their pool area.  One of the best ways to make sure your pool is safe is with an aluminum pool fence.

Aluminum fence manufacturers offer a wide range of colors and styles to choose.  It is certain that you will find a decorative aluminum fence that compliments the exterior of your home as well as the homes landscaping and area surrounding the pool area.  Aluminum fencing is also easily customizable making it the perfect option to suit any size and shape swimming pool.

As with all pool safety features it is important that it is installed properly.  It is important to select a fence that meets the B.O.C.A. regulations.  It is also crucial that the pool’s fence is installed correctly.

Proper Aluminum Pool Fencing Installation Includes:

An area surrounding the perimeter of the pool clear of objects that children would be able to use to help them climb over the fence.  This can include such things as retaining walls, boulders, trees or other features within the landscape that can be stepped on to ease access over the fence.

An aluminum fence should be installed so that it completely surrounds all sides of the pool.  Some homeowners feel that hedges are enough to properly block children from accessing the area.  This is simply not true and is irresponsible.  The pool area must be completely enclosed with aluminum fencing.

When choosing an aluminum pool fence it is required that the pool is accessible through an entry gate.  The gate must be one that swings closed and latches without additional assistance.  This is ideal to ensure that the gate is latched helping to prevent accidentally leaving the pool gate open and the water accessible to young children or pets when unattended.

Swimming pool safety is of utmost importance to homeowners.  Aluminum fence helps to create an environment that does just this as well as being visually appealing.  Having a fence in place also helps to keep pets and wild animals away from the pool as well as security against vandals when not in use.

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