There are many challenges that come with creating a label that accurately depicts your product and grabs the attention of your target consumers.  Not only do you need to create a label that is appealing to your market it must accurately represent your company’s brand identity.   This is the challenge graphic designers and label manufactures face when designing a label for a new product; especially when labeling food products.

Your label design must be eye-catching, reliable and unambiguous; this is the key to food product labeling.  This may sound like a simple concept however when introducing a new product to the market creating something that stands out, gets noticed and creates a purchase is far from easy.

Below are useful guidelines to help design an impressive label for your product:

Get to know your target consumer in depth:  When designing a product label you must first verify the target market and their desires.  It is important that there is clarity when it comes to what consumers are looking for before you begin creating a design concept.  It is important to understand the problems your target market are faced with and how your product helps solve them before beginning the label design process.

Decide what your information your label should contain:  The job of your product label is to sell your product.  It is impossible for product manufacturers to personally sell their product to each individual customer.  This is the job of the product label.  Your product should say everything you would want to say to a consumer if you were sitting in front of them.  The label should answer such questions as: what type of product is it, how the product is used and what ingredients are used in its creation as well as other such questions.  Convey the core values of your product on the label.  This is the information consumers look for to make an informed buying decision.

Establish the style of your product:  Part of your company’s brand images are the illustrations, fonts and colors that are used when labeling the company’s various products.  This should be taken into consideration when introducing a new product into the mix.  This will increase brand awareness when consumers are looking to select a product.  Positive brand recognition will bring awareness to new products that are available on the market.  When consider a style it is important to bear in mind the following: label colors, label graphics and label readability.

Graphic designers and label manufactures must work together with companies to create an attention grabbing label for their products.  The products label is the first step in compelling consumers to make a purchase.

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