Purchasing a fence for your home may become inevitable for one reason or another.  Maybe you have purchased a puppy and you want to keep him from leaving the yard.  Perhaps your family has decided to install an in-ground swimming pool and an aluminum pool fence is needed to ensure safety around the pool area.  It is feasible to want to install a fence for the sole purpose to provide privacy for your home, yard and family.  Whatever your reason for wanting a fence the expense is something quite considerable.  It is important that you have a guide to help you through the process of choosing a material and height for your fence.

First things first, when the time comes to purchase a fence it is important to look into the rules and regulations surrounding the materials and installation requirements of fencing in your local area.  This may mean checking with your homeowners association as well as local and state laws.  You need to find out if there are regulations with the materials you can use for your fence as well as height requirements. Some municipalities require that the fence is a certain distance from the street while others have specific requirements about exactly where a fence can and cannot be installed.

After you have done considerable research into local regulations it is time to examine what your reasoning is for installing a new fence.  This can help you determine what type of material and style you will want to choose for your home.

Are you looking into installing a fence to provide safety for your home, yard and family?  If this is the case you will want to consider a tall fence.  Fence panels come in heights over six feet to prevent intruders from easily climbing the fence.  You also can add in finials to the top of the fence along with a smooth sided aluminum fence to ensure that intruders can’t easily access the area.

For privacy you will want to purchase a fence that doesn’t have spaces in between the pickets throughout the panels.  The fence should be high enough to prevent people from being able to look over the fence as well.  Privacy can also be achieved using tall solid fence panels and landscaping materials.

If the fence is going to be used to contain your children or pets the fence can be installed using a variety of materials available.  The main thing to consider is a fence that is high enough that a pet or child could not climb over the fence as well as a material that cannot easily be dug under.  This is also true when trying to keep someone out of an area such as a pool.  If you are looking to keep children and pets from entering the pool area the concept is the same as well.  An aluminum pool fence should be installed that is high enough to keep people from climbing over it or animals from digging under it.

If you are looking for a fence that is for decoration only choose a pattern and design that compliments your home and landscape.  Fencing for decorative purposes also serves the purpose of creating a boundary.  You don’t need a fence of significant height when you are looking for a fence that provides a boundary for your yard or for decoration purposes only.  Choose a fence based on keeping the look and feel in balance with your home and landscaping.

For a complete guide through the process of purchasing a fence be sure to check out all the latest blog posts on fencing.  We hope this post sheds a bit of light to help you choose a material and height for your fence based on the purpose that the fence will provide.

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