There are mistakes to be made in every home improvement project.   It is helpful to know the pitfalls of any project before jumping head first into it.  Here are some common mistakes that many homeowners encounter when installing aluminum fencing.  Read this thoroughly to know what to avoid as it will save you time and money.

Many homeowners jump into installing their fences without having a survey done on the landscape around the home.  A survey is important because it puts in place the proper property lines and helps to solve any issues with boundaries.  If a fence is installed outside of your property lines you will be forced to remove the fence and install it within the proper boundaries.

Another area that homeowners don’t consider before purchasing and installing aluminum fencing is the regulations set in place by homeowners associations and those of local regulations.  Check into this before seriously considering a fence.  Check to make sure that the fencing material you choose fits within all local ordinances.   Don’t purchase any fencing until you have something in writing that says that the fence you are choosing fits within the specifications given.

Improper post setting is another issue often found when installing aluminum fence.  Without the proper installation of fencing posts the life expectancy of your fence diminishes astronomically.   To properly set fence posts use sand, gravel or concrete to secure the posts into the ground.  Installing a fence is not a cheap proposition; you don’t want to have to do it more than once.

Another issue homeowners run into is the miscalculation of the landscape and obstacles within.  When choosing a fence and designing the layout of the fence take extra special care around areas of landscape that are not uniform.  Residential aluminum fencing should be functional.  Properly adjust the fencing to compensate for the slopes and uneven terrain in your space.

Don’t jump into adding a fence to your home without properly planning for it.  This is one of the most essential parts of the entire process.  Installing an aluminum fence is both expensive and time consuming.  With proper planning you can avoid costly errors.  It is important to understand what purpose the fence serves when considering installing one.  Is the fence being put up to add privacy or to enclose a pool?  Aluminum pool fencing needs to meet different standards than normal landscape fencing.  Consider this when choosing what grade of fencing you need.  Different grades of fencing will vary a great deal in cost.

Don’t ignore the design of your home yard when installing a fence.  That is a mistake that happens as well.  Be aware of blocking your view or that of your neighbors.  If you are into gardening consider the light and how it will be reaching your landscaping once the fence is installed.

Taking on any task that is new to you is a bit unnerving.  Take the above advice and allow it to help you throughout the planning, design, ordering and installation process of your homes new aluminum fence.

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