Why do people call in water damage specialists? Isn’t it simple enough to clean up water damage on your own?  These were my misconceptions before a flood damaged our home.  If there is water that has made its way into your home via flood waters, broken pipes or an over full tub or toilet call in the professionals.  Many issues arise when improper clean up has happened after a flood.  The list of issues is a long one.  This is designed to help save you time and money related to not only the existing flood but damage that can occur for months after a flood has occurred.

Mold Trouble: Mold can cause trouble no matter what size the initial spores may be.  Mold issues large and small can cause health issues and structural damage to a home.  Mold should never be left untreated.  Mold by nature will continue to grow and spread.  Mold damage is something that should be cleaned up using professional restoration services.  This will prevent further spreading and bigger resulting issues.

Finding Mold:  A water damage specialist can detect mold or potential mold areas in a home if the owner is unsure if they have a mold issue or not.  This situation can occur after rainy season or a season of high snow fall.  A water damage specialist will come in and check for leaks throughout the structure of the home, want existing water damage and suspicious areas for potential mold growth.

Water Removal/Remediation: If you home has suffered a large leak or flood a restoration professional should be called in immediately.  They have high powered water extraction equipment that will quickly re mediate the situation.  A professional service will also be able to look at the structural supports of the home and see if any damage has occurred that will need immediate attention.

Drying:  When a home has had any amount of water damage drying is always a concern.  If the area is not thoroughly dry mold and mildew damage can make a bad situation even worse.  It is important that high powered equipment be used to dry out affected areas to prevent further damage.  If you are looking at damage in the summer it is just as important to remove the humidity out of the air in order to have proper drying occur in your home.

Deodorizing:  If improper care is taken with the removal of water damage can occur in the form of a strange smell.  This will need to be handled by a professional.  Deodorizing is not something to be taken lightly as that smell often means there is another issue brewing.  Don’t plug in some air fresheners and believe the issue will cure itself.  This is not the case after a home has had any type of water damage done to it.

It is pretty clear that when water damage occurs within your home it is important to call in an expert to really evaluate the situation at hand.  Little water problems can turn into major mold issues quickly given the right environment.  It will save time and money in the long run to have a professional restoration company look at the situation, clean it up, analyze trouble spots and move on with life.