Life changes all the time.  One minute you are high on life, planning a wedding, buying a new home, furnishing it and racking up credit debt like no tomorrow.  You are on top of the world.  You are working in a position that gives you freedom and an unlimited expense account with an impressive salary.  Your beautiful wife has put her career on hold as she is expecting baby number two.  This is it you are living the ultimate dream in life.  What happens next is unforeseeable and devastating.

The big boss is in from out of state.  He is very sorry but the company is looking to merge and with the merge many positions are going to be eliminated, yours being one of them.  You have three week severance coming and a small amount of money in savings.  It is possible you might be okay if you are able to find another position paying around the same amount.

Three weeks later you are still scouring leads to find a position.  You know it will be impossible to live off of less than you were previously making, several places have offered however you know that with your current debt that is not a feasible option at the moment.

After months of looking for a new position, getting further and further behind in on you payments you are left with few options.  You decide to take a position making less money and are incredibly nervous about making your mortgage, paying school loans, making minimum payments on your credit cards let alone having any money left over for groceries or necessities for your family.  This is when you realize that meeting with a bankruptcy attorney might be the best option for you and your family in the current circumstance that you are in.

Life changes it happens so fast that often there is little to know time to prepare. We are not taught to live with these thoughts in our heads.  Few people do.  Chapter 7 bankruptcies are a legitimate way to regain balance in your financial life and to move forward. Primarily chapter 7 bankruptcies are seen as a straight forward, simple and inexpensive way to clear unwanted debt and get a fresh start.

If you find yourself in a situation that is close to what I described above it is wise to seek out bankruptcy information.  You might find that it is exactly the help you need to get through this patch of time in your life that is overwhelming.  Individuals, after going through the chapter 7 bankruptcy process share stories of a weight being lifted off their shoulders as the trustees dismiss the financial burden of credit card debt, over extended mortgages and home loans.  Bankruptcy attorneys do not judge.  They work for you to come up with a feasible solution regarding the overwhelming debt you have accumulated.  The best option in a time of uncertainty is to gather information and resources to help alleviate your worry and improve your family’s situation.