What happens when you have windows that are less than desirable to look at?  It is time to play interior designer adding window treatments to them.  Window coverings are known as the finishing touch to interior decorators.  Many compare curtain, blinds and shades to a home to the accessories women use to spiff up a plain black dress. The final touch to turn a room into the place you desire.  There are certain things to think about in dressing your windows to make them stand out in a desirable way.

The very first thing that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing window treatments for any room of your home is the function or purpose they will need to serve.  They must fit your need or else you will be wasting money on something that looks pretty but offers nothing to your family in regards to value.  Look at the options available when considering what the room needs. Things to consider when looking at function are: light control, privacy, insulation and whether or not you still want to maintain a view to the outside.

Personal style is another quality you will want to pay attention to.  If your style needs are not met than you will not enjoy being in the space. This takes into account color as well.  You can enhance a room’s characteristic with the window treatments.  If you are a formal person creating formal spaces than the last thing you would want to do is create a modern space using color and style.

Another thing to look at is the existing structure and textures within the rooms existing space.  It is possible to find window treatments with accents that compliment the room.  For instance, if you are using drapes often times grommets can be used to enhance areas of architecture in the room.  As an example dark brushed grommets compliment red or dark woods.

Other areas to consider when looking for window treatments that compliment the room and enhance features with in it are the height of the windows verse the drapes.  If the room is large and grand in style the last thing you want are itty bitty blinds.  This will not enhance in any form.  Grand rooms need window treatments that will stand out as little room need windows that don’t call attention upon them.  Think cozy when considering window treatments within smaller spaces that are meant to feel cozy, relaxed and simple.  Larger scale rooms should include coverings that are a floor to ceiling style.  This creates drama and draws attention.  It is important to remember the rules related to scale and proportion when looking at options for your windows.  Balance is important.  Don’t go overboard but then again don’t skimp.


  • Woven Wood Blinds: For homes that are natural or lean toward rustic this option enhances the cozy warm feeling of a home looking for that same feel in window coverings.
  • Cellular Shades:  This option is popular in homes where light control and view are important.  This option allows the shade to be directed in either direction covering as little or as much of the window as desired.
  • Roller Shades:  This is a new, modern option in window treatments.  Think about large windows such as door walls and picture windows.  This option lends towards a modern feel and looks like art within the room.