When it comes to purchasing a new roof for your home many homeowners are in the dark.  It is one of the many purchases that don’t get made that often when you own a home.  When homeowners initially start to think about replacing their roofs the choices can be quite bewildering.   Questions throughout the roofing industry don’t have a one size fits all approach.  There is not one price for all metal roofing.

Variables exist between roofing contractors and depending on exactly what the homeowner is looking for.  The materials and supplies for roofing can vary in cost anywhere from one dollar upwards to twenty dollars per square foot.  The truth in roofing is that you get what you pay for.  There are literally hundreds of metal roofs and metal roofing contractors to choose from.  Below are some tips on what mistakes to avoid when looking into metal roofing for your home.

The materials in metal roofing are not all the same and to assume they are is a mistake.  The metal varies in thickness, finish, types of metal and profile.  Similar to shingle roofing, metal roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, types and thickness.  Each of the aspects and difference between the metals can affect the roofs performance, lifespan, durability and price.  This is the same within asphalt shingle roofing.  The labor paid for roofing contractors to install the various types of metal roofs varies as well.

Another mistake to avoid is thinking that all roofing contractors can install any type of roof you desire.  This is simply not true.  Metal roofing contractors need to be installed by roofers specializing in metal roof installation.  The composition between shingles and metal is completely different and therefore it takes experience and training to install metal roofing properly.  When hiring a roofing contractor to install your new roof be sure to do research on not only the materials but contractors as well.  A little bit of effort goes a long way when it comes to having a new metal roof put on your home.

Don’t purchase the metal for your roof alone without the assistance and advice of your contractor.  If you purchase the wrong metal for your roofs application you can be wasting your money.  A metal roof that is ideal for the snow country may not be ideal for a home elsewhere.  The wrong metal can hook the moving snow and ice while causing damage to the existing structure.  This is the same if you live near an ocean and salt water the wrong base metal can cause early corrosion and decrease the longevity of the roof.

It is a mistake to purchase a roof based on cost alone.  Metal roofing and roofing contractors will vary in cost.  One metal roof may be less expensive as it is thinner and easier to manipulate when being installed.  A thicker more corrosion resistant material may last longer.  It is best to determine what you are looking for and adjusting your budget to afford the roof that will be the best value for your dollar.

A metal roofing expert is as important as hiring a doctor specializing in the type of surgery you need over a general surgeon.  You don’t want a knee surgeon to correct your vision.  The same is true when it comes to your home improvements; even when improving your homes roof.

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