Get ready, because soon, you’ll be hearing a lot of buzz about gallium nitride (GaN). With the silicon chip shortage affecting nearly every industry – including the automotive – a new technology is on the horizon: GaN. For the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry, GaN could spark sales by advancing range and charging experiences, making EVs more affordable for the average person.

According to Navitas Semiconductor, “The next generation (GaN) power semiconductor platform with up to 3x smaller, 3x lighter, 3x faster charging, and 40% energy savings, is positioned for market leadership in the $13.1 billion+ GaN electrification opportunity in mobile, consumer, enterprise, renewables/solar, and EV/eMobility.”

GaN is formed as a by-product of smelting bauxite ore (to create aluminum) or processing ore for zinc. GaN has a low extraction and carbon footprint due to the refinement process.

“Over 300 tons of GaN are produced every year, with over a million tons estimated in reserves around the world. As it is a processing by-product, it is relatively low cost at around $300/kg which is 200 times lower than gold at around $60,000/kg,” according to Navitas.

GaN is the force behind high-resolution televisions, phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, etc. due to its high-efficiency, high-voltage capabilities. Power conversion and battery charging in hybrid and electric vehicles also utilize GaN technology.

Since GaN lends way to higher charging efficiencies, more power is delivered to the battery. As the battery can utilize more power, it also charges faster.

Head of marketing at Navitas, Stephen Oliver, said the current silicon chip shortage is impacting the auto industry while the demand for vehicle electronics is simultaneously increasing.

Oliver said, “Along comes GaN, the next generation silicon, the new kid on the block. It operates 100 times quicker than silicon, doesn’t lose energy, and with its increased speed is lighter, smaller, cheaper. It’s now in its second revolution for phones and charges them three times faster, and soon electric vehicles, too. If you look at the manufacturing process, the chip is five times smaller and that means every time you make it a wafer, it is five times smaller; that means you get five times as many.”

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