Insurance for General Liability:  All businesses should have at least basic general liability insurance.  This is true even if you run a home based business or consultant.  Liability insurance policies provide coverage for litigation and damages that are caused as a result of you, an employee, product or service.  This includes property damages as well injury to one’s person.

Insurance for Property: A property insurance policy should be purchased to cover your building as well as any business property including office equipment, tools and inventory. Separate coverage should be considered to protect against fire, theft, vandals and such.

Interruption Insurance: This is a policy that can be purchased by business owners that covers the business in situations where there is an interruption that does not allow the business to operate.  This insurance protects the potential earning power of the business when service or products are unable to be provided.

Auto Insurance For Commercial Vehicles:  As you insure a car for your personal benefit your work fleet also needs coverage.  Commercial auto insurance is used to insure vehicles that are used in the line of work from damage as well as collision.  When employees use their personal vehicles to complete business related tasks it is important the business owners have insurance that covers the business in case the employee does not have adequate coverage.

Insurance for Workers Compensation:  Workman’s comp, as it is often referred to protect employees who suffer from work related injuries or who are hurt on the job. This insurance provides for a replacement of the employees’ wages as well as medical benefits.  Workers compensation protect the business owner and company from legal complications.  Providing workman’s’ comp benefits alleviate employers risks from future litigation arising from the incident.

Error and Omissions Insurance:  Also known as professional liability insurance the policy provides coverage for litigation and damage that is the result of services rendered improperly.  This coverage is different from general liability insurance.  Professional liability insurance is tailored to specific trades and professions.  Services professions such as lawyers, accountants, real estate professionals, insurance agents, hair salons, technology providers and more should all be sure to have adequate error and omissions insurance.

Key Person Insurance:  Coverage under key person insurance provides compensation for any financial losses that come about from the death or incapacity of a key member in the business.  If one person is responsible for the majority of revenue brought in to the company this coverage is a necessity.  If one person’s work, knowledge, skill set or contribution is unique and consider irreplaceable without incurring loss or expense to the business; key person insurance can carry a business through a period of time and financial loss.

When it comes to insurance, policies, protection and coverage needs for your business it is wise to seek advice from a reputable business insurance agent.  An agent that is familiar with your industry is more likely to know the needs associate with your company providing the exact bundle of business insurance that is needed.  This also helps to ensure that you are not over insuring your company and in turn wasting valuable financial resources.

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