As you open a business no matter how big or small there are a ton of questions that run through your head.  I bet business insurance is one of those things that comes to mind. When it comes to owning your own business you will take a lot of risks and you will make a ton of mistakes.  Don’t let insurance coverage for your business be one of them. When it comes to insurance for your business there are a million questions you need to ask to ensure that you are substantially covered.

The first question you need to answer is in regards to equipment and goods used while outside of the actual business premise.  Your business insurance coverage should cover business equipment whether on site or in transit to a tradeshow.  You will want to make sure your coverage is all inclusive when it comes to where the equipment is located.

Question your insurance provider to make sure that you are covered under circumstances from theft to a flood.  It is important that the insurance policy for your business covers expenses that are man-made as well as natural occurrences.

Do you need to contact your insurance agent when you make upgrades to your equipment or your premise?  It is important to understand your policy and the intricate details.  If additions to the premise or upgrades in equipment need to be reported the agent for the insurance to cover them that it is essential that you address that before you make the purchase so that it is covered.

With the policy that you have purchase does it cover replacing the building if it is fully destroyed? Are you required to build in the same spot or are you allowed to build in an area that is more suitable than the last one?

Does your policy cover a loss of income if your office, warehouse or production site is destroyed?  What about if it is partially damaged or if your business is severely affected by the damage be it man-made or a natural disaster. It is dire that you completely understand the coverage that you purchase.

When considering purchasing a policy make sure that it covers in case of a breach of data.  When you take client information and payment via credit or check you need to make sure that your client’s information is protected.   Data protection is a newer policy to consider but is so important in the age of technology that we are currently living in.

Questions are important especially when it comes to your business and the insurance plan that you have on it.  Your business is your source of income.  Income creates the means that support your family and livelihood. It has never been more important that when buying business insurance to understand what you are getting in return for the money you are paying. If you have any questions regarding the insurance coverage to your business ask your agent questions.  Your insurance agent is there to help you understand and to clarify your business insurance policy.

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