Adding security and privacy to your home environment is something that most homeowners are interested in.  We look for ways to layout our landscape to provide barriers to outsiders to show that the there is a division between one property from another.  We seek privacy and seclusion when we are enjoying time with our family within our homes or yards.  One sure fire way to get both safety and solitude is with the addition of an aluminum fence around the perimeter of your landscape.

Installing aluminum fencing is no small task.  There are many considerations to ensure that your aluminum fence is designed, ordered and installed properly.  Below you will find a few concerns that need to be addressed once you have decided an aluminum fence is to be installed.

It is crucial that you check with local authorities to determine if there are any special zoning laws about fencing in your area.  Are their height limitations or boundary requirements surrounding the installation of your fence?  You will want to check with your local HOA about neighborhood guidelines that restrict the fence materials, colors, height requirements and more.  Now is the time that you have your yard surveyed as well.  The last thing you want to do is spend time and money on installing a fence only to realize it is not within your property lines.

Don’t overlook calling utility companies before you design, order, purchase and install a fence.  You do not want to overlook this step if you accidentally hit a utility line it can be incredibly dangerous and expensive to fix.  The posts need to be placed a minimum of thirty inches deep so you don’t want to run the risk of hitting a pipe or underground wire when digging.

Consider a mock up of the fence before you order or install it.  Online aluminum fence companies often have design centers on their sites. What this does is take a look at your property via pictures and measurements that have been taken and allow you to visualize the fence in your space.  From here you will have a better idea of the layout of the fence.

Sticks should be put in to place where you plan on putting the posts.  From here you will want to tie a piece of string between the sticks to ensure exactly where the fence will stand.  You will be able to see if your design needs any last minute redesigns.  This technique will allow you to account for possible differences in the height of the landscape as well as any unforeseen obstacles that were not previously considered.

Installing an aluminum fence to your landscape can add safety and solitude to your home environment.  If you are planning on installing your fence it is important to plan ahead. Follow the advice above as you plan for the installation of your new fence.

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