In creating a new product label it is important that it is designed and developed to ensure the proper message is being received.  There are so many different aspects to labeling that are often forgotten that lead to the demise of products newly introduced in the market.  Not only is the message on the label important, as well as the information that it contains it is also crucial that the material of the label best represents the product.  Below you will find an example of the impact improper labeling can have on your product, brand and companies success. You will also see what it takes to create the label your brand deserves.

A product that is created to impact the environment positively should be labeled using materials that also represent the same image.   Labeling a product made to help the environment should be done so in a labeling material that is created from recyclable, bio degradable materials.  This shows the brand commitment to their positive stance on the environment.

A food product that is created for children to snack on as they travel should be labeled and packaged in way that makes the product easily accessible, easy to use and reseal.  The labeling and packaging help to enforce the brand commitment to the creation of a product that is meant to be packed up and traveled with.

The message you want your brand/products to be should be reflected in the label.  This labeling material and style is just as important as the labels message and content.

If you wish to show that your brand/product is an authority or leader in the market then it is important to showcase its authority.  Label designers can show that something is trustworthy, confident and considered to be of top notch quality using a few different design techniques.  Capital letters, bold contrasting color and a high label placement all help give off an authoritarian vibe. Think about different brands/products which are considered superior.  When it comes to peanut butter one very specific brand comes to mind.  It will come to you in a jiffy. It is possible to see these three techniques within the brand/product label.

Honest and authenticity is something that many brands/products strive for.  To create a label that mirrors this image it is important to create a label that is made from materials that represent a real vibe with a label that design that follows suit.  Use a logo with font that is unlike any other on the market.  Custom colors and features that will become icon in projecting the image of the brand/product should be prominently displayed.  Create a label that is meant to stand the test of time. Design a label that can be used for years to come to represent the brand/products that your company offers.

Looking to show what consumers can expect out of a brand/product marketers seek to design a label that shows the products expectations.   This is done through labeling by conveying what is on the inside of the package within the outside label.  How does the product perform, how will it smell, what taste does it offer that is unique.  The pureness of a product is shown using clear colors, transparent blues, whites and pastels.  Bold brands/products show this message with valiant colors and daring fonts.

The label design is one of the most important factors influencing the marketing of your brand/product to consumers.  The message that you wish to prove is displayed first and foremost through the custom label.  The success of this objective is crucial to the overall success of a company.

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