Overall when it comes to fencing for your home or business nothing beats the overall value that aluminum fencing offers.  It is the best value in fencing that money can buy.  As with any large investment that is made around your home there are misconceptions that arise on the journey to making a final decision.  In the article below we will address several commonly heard falsehoods surrounding aluminum fencing.

The first and most common error when discussing aluminum fencing is the strength of aluminum in comparison to steel.  It is true that aluminum is a lighter weight material than steel however this does not mean that steel is stronger than aluminum.  In fact when comparing the weight ratio between them aluminum is equivalent to the same density as steel.  The truth is that aluminum creates a highly durable, strong fence as does steel; the difference being the abundant advantages of aluminum over steel as a whole.

Maintaining aluminum fencing is perhaps one of the most beneficial advantages over other fencing materials.  Aluminum fence does not rust in fact it cannot rust due to the powder-coating used.  The truth is that aluminum may oxidize but never will it rust.  Oxidization of aluminum fencing can easily be prevented with a general cleaning once a year using a solution of mild soap and water.  That is correct aluminum does not require staining, painting, stripping or any of those other bi-yearly maintenance requirements of other fencing materials.

Many homeowners believe that because of their hilly landscape that aluminum will not properly rack.  This however is a misconception as well.  Even on the hilliest of landscapes aluminum panels can be installed.  New technology within the wholesale aluminum fencing industry allow for aluminum fence panels to be constructed in a variety of sizes as well as allowing the railing to follow the ground while keeping pickets vertical.

There is a myth that states there are a limited number of styles available in aluminum fencing.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Depending on the wholesale aluminum fence supplier the design options are endless.  Most online suppliers of aluminum fencing offer four different grades of fencing: residential, commercial, pool and industrial.   Not only are there a variety of grade but different styles, colors and extra features are endless.  Aluminum fencing is highly customizable making it the perfect addition to any style home from classic to country.  Aluminum gates can also be ordered specifically designed to complement the style of fencing that has been chosen.

If you are looking for a fence material that offers you the unique advantage of customization without maintenance that is highly durable you will get that out of aluminum fencing plus a whole lot more.

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