Spring is a great time to get pool repairs taken care of. Gunite swimming pools need maintenance and taken care of those larger projects is better before the pool is open, filled and inconveniencing the fun a pool brings to your backyard in the summer. The summer season brings a whole new level of care and maintenance to having a swimming pool, including daily cleanings. Many families hire a professional pool cleaning service to come in and clean the tile, caulking and cement. In this article we will show you that it is possible to clean your own pool in under an hour with reasonably priced tools that are readily available.

Step 1: Clean the surface of the pool water with a pool skimmer.

Clear off the water’s surface. Skim off fallen leaves, beetles, flies, floating frogs and ordinary debris that have collected. You will want to empty the skimmer in a plastic trash bag and throw the debris in a closed trash can. Small critters and leaves decaying is not pleasant to smell. Continue this process until you have removed all of the debris.

Step 2: Scrub the sides and bottom of the pool to loosen and remove build up.

Pool wall cleaning brushes are specially designed long bristle brushes that are made to curve up and down the walls of the pool as well as the bottom. The pool broom will loosen up the dirt, debris, grime and oils that have settled and collected on the walls and floor of the swimming pool marcite. The next step is to use the pool skimmer/net to collect all the debris that is now floating around on the top of the swimming pool water and again place it in a trash bag and dispose of it.

Step 3: Clear out the pump basket and thoroughly clean all of the garbage that has accumulated.

The first step in cleaning out the pump is to turn off the pool pump. Remove the pump basket and pull it out and empty out any built up debris. This will help make sure that the filtration system is running smoothly. While the basket is out it is a good time to check it over and make sure there are no cracks in the oil ring. Put everything back in place and turn the pump back on. Look around the ground around the pump and make sure that nothing is leaking.

Step 4: Vacuuming the swimming pool.

More time than not the cleaning brush will be enough to clean out the pool. If the pool looks dirty after the cleaning brush and skimmer have been used it is time to pull out the vacuum. Make sure the pool vacuum is attached and a strong suction is created. Run the vacuum along the sides and bottom of the pool just as you would household carpet. Use slow and steady strokes throughout the process to ensure that you have reached every spot. There is no need to go through the hassle of cleaning the pool and getting the vacuum out if you aren’t going to do a thorough job.

Step 5: Balance the chemicals of the water.

The chemicals in the pool are so important to the overall health of the pool water and pools plaster. Purchase a tester to test the levels of the chemicals in the pool water. Add alkaline and chlorine to ensure the water is at a hundred percent. If the balance is off it can harm the marcite surface of the pool. The plaster is the hard shell of the pool so it is important to keep it in shape and you can do this with the correct ph of the pool.
Give yourself a solid hour, follow each of the above steps to the tee and you will have yourself a sparkling clean pool ready for the family to jump in and enjoy!