One of life’s most meaningful events is your wedding day.  The day you marry that one person that will always be with you, fighting the battles good and bad.  The one piece of jewelry that symbolizes it all is your wedding bands, the promise of never-ending devotion. The stress that comes along with the wedding is enough so choosing a wedding band should be one of the fun and joyous parts. Below you will find some easy tips to help you and your partner find the perfect wedding bands.

The first tip is to narrow the choices down to just a few pieces.  Wedding rings/bands are one of the few, if not the only piece of jewelry that you will shop for together and wear every day.  There are some choices you need to make together before you hit the jewelry stores.  Decide upon a metal that you can both love forever.  Do you like yellow or white metals? Do you like something simple, classic or something that says something, a statement?

Don’t wait till the last minute to shop for wedding bands.  Start sooner than later so that you don’t end up settling in the end.  Once you have discussed the basics above start heading out to stores to get a feel for rings. Another place to look is online.  Online jewelry retailers can often afford to offer lower costs because their overhead is not as large as chain stores.  Research, browse, budget and examine pieces that you are considering several times before making a final decision.

Another thing to remember is that wedding bands don’t have to match.  The groom can choose yellow while the bride wears platinum.  The rules regarding wedding pieces don’t exist anymore.  Brides need to consider their engagement rings if they would like to wear the two pieces together.  Consider having one element or aspect that matches on the rings that bring them together.  Consider an inscription or having the rings engraved with the same verse or saying.

Consider the budget that has been set aside for the wedding and wedding jewelry.  The choice of metal and details will depend upon your budget. Consider the budget especially if you would like custom wedding jewelry.  Custom designs and intricate pieces will cost more.  If you have a low budget consider simple matching bands for now and later on down the road when you are ready to renew those vows consider an upgrade.

Think practically when considering a wedding ring/band.  Seriously a pretty piece will bring you no value if it is uncomfortable to wear and needs to be removed often.  The band is to be worn all day, every day.  If you work day in and day out with your hands consider that something simple might hold up better during your day to day life.

Although trendy pieces are okay make sure to think about the piece and how it will look in the future.  Is this going to be a piece you will want to wear in fifteen years?  Do you ever look at the jewelry that is being worn by the elder women in your family and instantly can date the piece back to the decade they were married in?  This is just one more thing to think about when purchasing your wedding band and ensuring the piece holds up to the longevity of the bond you are embarking on.