Hiring a tree removal service company can be an interesting process to say the least.  Everyone thinks they are a specialist when it comes to whipping out a chain saw and hacking away at the trees in your yard.  Try this, I dare you.  Go outside, start a chainsaw and I can guarantee that within fifteen minutes at least a few guys from the neighborhood will be out asking if you need help cutting the trees in your yard down.  Mind you these are not the people you want to trust with this high priority job.  If a tree falls on your house, injures someone or something you will not be covered by your insurance.  Stupidity is not covered.  Professional tree removal service companies have the proper tools, insurance, crew and machinery to ensure the job goes as planned.  When is the last time you have known a random group of men with chainsaws to have a plan?  That’s right – NEVER! Not to mention the unsightly stump that will be present after the job is complete in their eyes.

With that being said it is important to hire professionals that are insured, trained and specialized in tree removal techniques and stump grinding.  The best bet for any homeowner is to have several estimates regarding the issues within your landscape.  A professional will not try to talk you into removing trees that don’t need to be removed.  That is of course you as the homeowner have reasons to have the trees brought down.  Many healthy trees need a good trim every few years to clean up the dead limbs and branches that occur.  Every expert will have an opinion and a fee associated with it.  This is important to help you think clearly about what you actually want for your yard and space.  They often present options that home owners may not have considered.

If your decision is based solely on price alone make sure to determine if stump grinding is included in the package price.  Stump grinding is a long and tedious process for a homeowner and requires a lot of effort.  To be the most cost effective consider that each stump ground out by a professional will usually run between $90 and $150 to remove. To rent a stump grinder you are looking at about $190 for an entire day.  It will take you the day don’t think this is a four hour rental job.  Depending on the number of stumps you have to grind and the time that will be put into the job you can determine what option is most cost effective.

If you do decided to grind the stumps down on your own you can guarantee the neighbors will hide at this point.  This is not nearly as “fun” as dropping a tree. Call miss dig at least three or four days in advance of grinding as they will mark any lines to be aware of in the ground. When renting the stump grinder determine that the blade is sharp and the directions clear on how to operate the machine before leaving the rental place.  When you get the machine home there are several steps to take to ensure that a proper, safe job is done.

The first attack on the stump will not involve the grinder at all. That is correct, get ready with a shovel or mattock and begin removing rocks from all around the base of the stump.  Rocks cause the cutting wheel blade to get dull and could possible damage the blade causing a large time delay in actually removing the stump from the yard.  Make sure you are starting on a stump that has been cut as close to the ground as possible. This will help to make the process move along faster.

The wheel of the grinder should be placed about 3 to 5 inches above the stump to begin with.  It is best to start grinding at the front edge of the stump and lower the wheel into the stump, starting at 3 inches and going till about 5 inches. You will cut around the entire stump in this manner.  You will slowly move the wheel to the left and right which will cause the wood debris to begin clearing out.  If you are not worried about the root system of the tree you can stop at grinding around the tree until you have created a 4 or 5 inch deep hole.  At this point there will be a hole that can be filled with top soil, tamped down and covered with grass seed.  Hay will help hold the seed in place temporarily while it begins to sprout.

Tree and stump removal is a process that should be left to the professionals. So many things can go wrong if not done correctly including damage to property and life.  Professionals are insured and trained to take on tricky tree removal situations. They have the proper equipment to ensure a smooth, accident free job is done. Why chance it that is what I say.