Have you decided you need to sell your home?  Are you relocating to a new area for a new job?  Are you downsizing now that your children are out of the house and off to college?  Are you retiring and looking to move to an ideal retirement location?  Whatever the reason you have chosen to move it is time to sell your much beloved home.  Most of us do not have experience selling our own homes this is why we look to hire a real estate agent to list our home.

The first and most important step in selling your home is to choose the right selling agent.  No matter the home you must find an agent that specializes in selling it.  If you have a luxury home it is best to work with a seller that is accustomed to selling luxury homes.  Selling a home on the water requires a selling agent familiar with selling homes in recreational settings.  Homes that are within a golf community require a selling agent familiar with golf courses and recreational areas throughout the area.  Selling a home within a community subdivision; it requires a realtor with knowledge of the areas different subdivisions.

Here are two important tips to consider when hiring an agent to list and sell your home.

Find An Agent Who Is Friendly

You make know many area realtors that know the area and you believe would be perfect to sell your home.  The problem lies within the problem that comes from mixing business with pleasure.  Be careful when considering a realtor you know on a personal basis.  Better than working with someone only because you know them find someone who is friendly and involved within the area.  Choose someone who is reputable and well respected in your community.

Prepare an interview and make sure that all of the realtors you are considering are asked the same questions in order to keep them all on an even playing field.  All of the listing agents should understand exactly what you expect as a seller as well.  Find an agent who is friendly, responds well with the community, is reputable and fully is committed to working with your expectations as a seller.

Find An Agent Who Is Knowledgeable

Depending on the type of home you are selling your agent should fully understand that sector within the real estate community.  For instance, if you are trying to sell your waterfront home it is pertinent that you choose a selling agent familiar with selling lakefront homes as well as the recreational package that comes with living on water.

Check with the realtor about data that supports the market value of your home including absorption rates and the time frame at which it could potentially take them to sell your home.  If the agent is unwilling or not able to give you an honest home appraisal considering the current market conditions they are most likely not the agent you are looking for.

Choosing the right agent to sell your home can turn a hectic, long term process into one that is simple and quick.

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