Every year our home finds a way to be updated, accidentally or planned, it happens. This year it is planned thankfully. The kitchen did not catch on fire from a faulty built in microwave, the pipes did not explode in the laundry room, and the kids did not spill every unknown substance on the living room floor, nothing. This year we planned to take on turning the master bathroom into a sanctuary. We also needed to take into consideration that we were getting older and with that coming physical challenges, such as a knee reconstruction, would make it difficult to use the tub/shower for much longer.
The first thing we did was to consider that even though a tub was out of the question we needed a space that promoted relaxation while showering. The last thing that was going to happen is a cramped, tight one person shower surround. Instead we constructed a barrier free entry shower that is large enough for a party with built in bench seating. The days of bending in every direction known to man to shave my legs in the shower were going to be a thing of the past. We also decided it was in our best interest to install grab bars and to make one of the multiple shower heads a hand held removable one. All of these details will allow us to age in this home and be comfortable.
The next thing I considered is that I wanted a minimal effort bathroom in regards to keeping it clean. For this reason I choose to have quartz countertops installed throughout the space. The sink station and vanity area are all quartz. The material requires minimal effort to maintain and looks great wet or dry which was perfect for the space.
A detail I wanted to make sure we did not overkill was the latest in bathroom trends. I did not want to be living in this space in ten years with an outdated master bathroom. I knew I disliked walking into a home and knowing exactly when the house was built based upon the trendy tile, colors on the wall or appliances. It is with that in mind that we went as neutral in the tile, countertop and wall color. We added color in with the use of trendy colors in the accent pieces throughout the space. A vase here, some hand towels and baskets make the space trendy without making it permanent.
As I mentioned before this is the home we are continually put time and money into as we intend to grow old here. With that in mind many of the home renovations that we decide to take on require us to consider that we are aging. The kids are getting older and moving on. We need to be able to access the space freely. This requires some fore thought and planning. When it comes to age in place remodeling we have several sources to look towards to make sure the upgrades we are making in the home meet with the National Association of Home Builders Certified Age in Place Specialist Designs. It is possible to maintain a home that is safe for our aging bodies without turning the house into a sterile hospital environment.
With every remodel, accidental or planned, from here on out we will be turning to the experts in age in place remodeling to ensure that we aren’t wasting time, money or effort in our home renovations.