When thinking about a landscaping design and creating a beautiful landscape you need to focus on not only what it looks like today but what it will look like in fifteen years. Think about how the trees, plants and flowers will look when they are mature. How filled out will the trees get? Will the flowers spread or are they the types of plants that stay the same size they are when you first plant them? When laying out the initial design you will need to look into the future to picture the growth of the trees, plants and shrubs that will occur.

Often time’s homeowners find that many pieces of the garden and landscape stay similar in size and shape however this is not true when it comes to trees. Trees, especially certain varieties can grow out of control and their size can get out of hand before anyone even realizes what is happening. If homeowners are not careful when planting certain varieties of trees they could be faced with the future prospect of tree removal and stump grinding which can be pricey depending on the location of the overgrown tree.

During the initial design phase there are certain elements to consider when planting. One of the many things homeowners need to consider is planting trees near retaining walls. If the design calls for a tree to be planted close to a wall of any kind make sure the tree variety is one that has a root base that does not spread beyond the width you have between the wall and the tree. If you find yourself in a situation that the tree is growing into the wall you will be faced with the pricey decision to remove the wall or to have the tree removed without damaging the wall.

Swimming pools are another landscape feature that trees can cause havoc in. If the trees roots invade the area near the pool it is potentially an expensive repair. Roots growing into the foundation of the pool could cause cracks and leaks within the pool area. When installing a new pool consider removing any trees that are within the area to avoid potential problems that can arise.

Driveways that are paved come to have issues as well with tree roots if the trees are planted to close the pavement. The trees roots are limited in growth by the pavement. The driveway will buckle and the tree roots will need to be removed. This is a costly fix. It is best to avoid planting large trees close to any pavement including driveways and sidewalks to prevent damage.

Tree roots can also wreak havoc on underground items that are not often considered when landscaping such as grinders and septic tanks. It would be a nightmare to have a large tree growing around your septic, well or grinder when it came time for repairs or replacements.

Owning a home is expensive enough on its own without causing issues that can be avoided with a little forethought. When considering a landscape design don’t just look at what the design is now but consider what it will be and the surroundings around the landscaping blueprint.