Curb appeal is such an important aspect of homeownership. When considering the atheistic value of your home how often do you consider the color of the shingles on your roof? It is definitely not the most exciting aspect of your home. Choosing the color of your shingles may seem intimidating when you first begin the hunt to find the right color however below you will find four tips to narrow the selection down.
Consider Your Home’s Color When Choosing the Color of the Shingling
What color is the home’s vinyl siding, brick or stone? This is the most important thing to take into account when selecting the color of the shingle. It is too expensive to change the color of the exterior of your home. So naturally this is the first thing you should consider when choosing a shingle color to compliment your home’s roof. Contact a local roofing contractor to get shingle samples to find one that works with your home. A few colors that shingles come in might be absolutely out of the question for your home so ditch them from the selection process right away.
The Home’s Trim Should Compliment the Shingle Color
Although the trim and home’s siding should ultimately coordinate with one another already sometimes they don’t. Shingles should be a color that complement and enhance both the trim and the home’s exterior coloring. If the roofing shingle color doesn’t work for both the siding and the trim then it is not a contender for your roof unless you are willing to repaint all the home’s trim. Which seriously, are you even considering that at the point in which you already are in need of a new roof?
The Location of the Home Is a Large Element in Picking A Shingle Color
The last thing you want is for your home to be known as “that home” when choosing the color of the shingling. You don’t want your home to stick out like the sore thumb of the neighborhood. Consider the shingles that you have narrowed your choices down to and then look around to see which best compliments the shingles on the neighbor’s roofs as well.
Contemplate Shingle Coloring with the Style of your Home
Look at the style of your home when you are choosing a roof shingle color. Different styles warrant different colors. For instance if you have a Spanish style home blue shingles are not the best option. If the shingles compliment the exterior trim and siding but don’t fit the homes architecture then that is not the color for your home.
Find some ideas using the internet and looking in different home improvement magazines. Find homes similar in style, color and location as yours and see what has worked in the way of shingling color for them. The perfect shingle will soon be found and installed, by a professional roofing contractor, accentuating your home’s exterior. Hiring a professional roofing contractor will save you tons of money, time and energy no matter what color shingle you choose in the end.