Properly caring for jewelry is something that many people struggle with.  When it comes to wearing, cleaning, repairing, storing and shipping jewelry these tips will benefit your pieces no matter how much or how little they cost; the value of jewelry is the value your heart places on it.

The Basics In Wearing Jewelry

When it comes to wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry take care when performing everyday tasks.  When you are performing manual tasks such as cleaning the house or changing the oil in your car wearing your jewelry leads to exposure to harsh chemical s and physical damage.  It is better to remove your jewelry before many everyday physically demanding tasks.  It is also important that when applying makeup and playing sports that you safely store your jewelry.  Makeup, perfume and lotions can damage the appearance of jewelry.  In sports your pieces could become damage or even cause damage to your or another player.  It is best to avoid wearing jewelry when participating in sports.

Correctly Cleaning Jewelry Pieces

For the longest time cleaning jewelry meant I would wear it into the shower.  This is the exact opposite of cleaning your jewelry.  Soap and chemicals in shampoos can harm jewelry.  When cleaning jewelry it is found that a homemade cleaning solution or one purchased from your jeweler are the best options.  Be careful not to soak the pieces for too long and be gentle when cleaning settings and stones.  Using a polishing cloth can be helpful as well as they prevent film build up and are free of loose strings and threads that accompany many towels.  Another tip is to always rise the piece in warm water.  Hot water can cause certain types of metal to tarnish. When cleaning each piece check for any damage that has occurred.  A detailed inspection can prevent the loss of a treasured heirloom.

Reputable Jewelry Repair

You should be confident in the jewelry check in procedure upon dropping off your piece for repair.  Make sure they document each piece with a detailed description and that they do an inspection of gemstones and diamonds.  The same documents should be matched up with the documentation you have when picking the pieces up after repair.  Ask friends and neighbors for a referral based on previous jewelry repairs they were happy with.  When you meet with the jeweler that will be repairing your piece determine if it will be sent out or if the piece is repaired in house.  In house jewelry repair is always the safest option.

Storing Jewelry For Safe Keeping

Storing your jewelry when you are not wearing it is as important as any step in the process of owning and caring or jewelry.  Keep your pieces in a secure, organized location.  To prevent jewelry from tarnishing you can place anti tarnish strips in your jewelry box that will help collect any extra moisture and oxidants to help to prevent a build up from occurring.  It is also advisable that all jewelry that is being stored be inventoried in detail with pictures and documentation.  This is helpful if your jewelry is ever stolen.  It will be simple to see what pieces are missing based on your documentation.

Shipping Jewelry Safely

When you are shipping jewelry it is essential to use more than one box.  Never ship jewelry in only the box it comes in.  A piece should be secured in a jewelry holder and placed in an otter padded shipping box.  Padding should be added to prevent the inside box from moving at all.  All jewelry shipped should be documented properly and insured.  All boxes that contain jewelry should be secured well with tape.  The receiver should always have to sign for the package.  Never allow a shipper to leave boxes without it being signed off on.  If possible eliminate any wording on the box that refers to what the contents are inside the box.  All labels referring to jewelry should be removed prior to shipping.

The tips above will help you in the future when it comes to all the faucets involved in protecting your jewelry pieces.

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