The entire process of divorce is unpredictable. For many, divorce can feel like death. This is especially true for women who tend to process loss in a completely different manner then men. Women are filled with grief and a feeling of guilt. They feel as if they should have seen this coming and should have been able to fix it before it fell apart. As a divorce attorney one of the first things that we set out to do is to help women accept that their marriage is over and that there is nothing that they could have done to change the outcome.

Women must come to terms that they are simply not meant to be together any longer because they no longer bring happiness to one another. We also help them to understand it is possible to be decent to one another while proceeding through the divorce process. Below you will find some tips to help you, as a women/mother going through a divorce.

It is important to tread lightly and take each step of the divorce process as it comes along. Take time to finalize one relationship before getting involved in another. Your focus should be on transitioning your family unit into two pieces. No matter how cordial you are your ex are the process of divorce is challenging and confusing for all vested parties.

Time should be shared equally while reaching a custody agreement. If you choose not to spend time with your children they will resent you. If you take them away from their father and never allow them time to visit they will resent you. It is important to balance time with your children between the two of you. This will be difficult and may take time to understand but trust that it is beneficial for the unit on whole to keep a united front where your children are concerned.

When it comes to communicating, especially when children are involved, talk face to face, and never place your children in the middle. Talking face to face to one another makes it more difficult to slander one another. It is easy to text negativity to your ex but much more difficult to look someone you once loved in the eye and spew negative comments.

Going through a divorce is never easy. It is important that you seek counsel from a local divorce attorney as soon as you realize reconciliation is not going to occur. A divorce attorney will help guide you through the steps of the divorce process and will lead you to healthy support avenues along the way.

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