Winter is bound to come to an end at some point soon.  When the weather starts to heat up there will be no better place to cool off, relax and take in some sun other than your own swimming pool.  Owning a pool is a lot like owning a boat in that it is a lot of fun but requires regular maintenance to keep the pool running properly.  In order for a pool to function properly you will want to create a maintenance schedule.  Don’t be tempted to skip regular maintenance as this is what will keep your summer free of major pool repairs.

1)      It is crucial to your pools longevity that you allow the pools pump to run frequently.  Not running the pump enough will through off every other element of that helps the pool function properly.  If the pump is not working efficiently your pool cleaner, filter, heater and chlorinator will not be efficient.  Purchase a solid pool pump with at least two speeds.  It is recommended to allow the pump to run twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

2)      Another element that is important is maintaining the proper water level.  If the water falls below the tile line of the pool the pump will start to draw air.  This will cause your pump to lose its prime.  If this occurs and the water is no longer circulating through the system none of the pools equipment will work properly.  If the prime is lost you also run the risk of overheating the pump.

3)      As a pool owner you must take the time to adjust and account for changes in the chemicals in the pool water.  If the pools pH balance is off you run the risk of damage to the pools plaster.  Troublesome stains can occur on the pool plaster and leave the shell aesthetically unappealing.

4)      Your pool and pool equipment must be kept clean.  Not doing so will create issues and may void the warranty on your equipment.  Often times if there is a build up on your pools equipment and this is the cause of the malfunction it will void the warranty and you will have to cover the repair costs out of pocket.  Keep the pump basket and filters clean.  Also re-insert the equipment properly so that it always functions properly.

5)      No matter what the color of the pool water is it is important to test it.  You can’t determine the condition of the pool by the color of the water.  Hazards to the pool water don’t only happen when the water is green and cloudy.   Check the water even when it is crisp and clear.

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