There are so many unanswered questions that arise when looking into Medicare Insurance and Medigap Supplemental Insurance Plans for the first time.  In previous articles we have covered why it is important to have a Medicare Supplemental Insurance and why prescription drug coverage is needed and able to be purchased separately. There are so many pieces to the Medicare puzzle that it is often easy to overlook something or to become confused.


One of the first things people are most confused and concerned about is when the best time is to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans.  The best time to buy Medigap Insurance is during your open enrollment period.  The open enrollment period for Medicare and Medigap Supplemental Insurance Plans is from the first day of the month when you turn sixty five or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B.  


Eligibility requirements for Medigap Insurance are similar to that of Medicare with a few differences.  You can start applying for Medigap if you are sixty-five or older, or have a disability that allows you to be covered earlier, are enrolled in Medicare Part A and B and are a resident of the state where the policy is offered.  


So much can be discovered about Medicare and Medigap Supplement Plans.  It is important to be educated and make an informed decision when choosing a plan that will work best for your health history and future.