Aluminum is a premiere type of fencing to encompass the perimeter of your pool or landscape.  Not only is aluminum fencing aesthetically pleasing it is also durable and long lasting.  When it comes to variety, no other fencing material offers the benefits that aluminum does. Whether you are looking to enclose your pool or backyard an aluminum fence will give you the protection and satisfaction you are looking for.  Although aluminum is attractive it is the many other benefits and advantages it offers that makes it the top choice for residential and commercial buyers alike.

What makes aluminum a better material for fencing?

  • Maintenance Free:  The last thing homeowners are looking for is one more thing in the yard to take care of.  That is just one reason that aluminum is the perfect option in fencing for your pool or landscape.  Due to the powder coating on aluminum fencing it does not rust; the layer of coating helps to protect the alloy while enhancing the product.  Unlike other materials in fencing, aluminum does not require updated painting, staining or power washing to ensure that it looks as good as the day you installed it even ten years later.
  • Safety Standards: Aluminum offers so much more than beauty to both residential and commercial users.  If you are looking for a fence that meets the latest standards and regulations set forth by the B.O.C.A. look no further than resort style aluminum fencing; designed specifically for pool safety in mind. 

Keeping in line with pool safety, aluminum fence panels can be ordered in a variety of heights.  To meet safety regulations the fence needs to be at least forty eight inches tall.  There must also me a minimum space between the lower top rail and bottom top rail of at least forty five inches as well as a space of less than four inches between the pickets. The panels are made in consideration that the ground is less than four inches away from the bottom rail of the fence.  An aluminum gate must be self closing and latching as well as that it opens away from the pool area.  The last requirement in pool fencing is that the latch on the gate is more than fifty four inches off the ground. All of these requirements are in place to keep small pets and children from entering the area without direct parental supervision.  

  • Economical: Aluminum is not the cheapest material in fencing upfront however given the time and money that you won’t waste on maintenance aluminum is the most economical way to go.  You will never have to spend a weekend painting the fence to make it look amazing or waste money hiring someone.  Aluminum fencing looks as good as the day it was installed with a quick wash every once in a great while. 
  • Style: No other material in fencing comes in as many varieties to choose from as does aluminum.  Decorative aluminum fencing comes in so many variations and colors that one is sure to match the look you desire for your home or pool.  You can choose from classic black to ornate green; whatever you can imagine there is surely an aluminum fence style to suit. Rest assured there is a color and style of aluminum fencing meant for your home.

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