We are almost a month in the New Year and the thoughts of remodeling are still fresh in the air. The New Year is a perfect time to begin making soft plans for complete room renovations or small updates to different spaces within your home.

Contractors are already booking up their spring and summer with major kitchen renovations, porch additions, additions and more.  If you are considering a renovation now is the time to meet with local contractors to establish an action plan.  Now is the time to schedule your remodel to ensure that the contractor that you desire has time booked in to his schedule for your renovation project.

Consider the following trends of 2016

Bathrooms are the big rage of 2016 following the massive trend of kitchen remodeling that 2015 was witness to.  Bathroom renovations will be the top remodeling project for home owners this year.  Homeowners are looking to create a spa getaway in their own homes.  Large soaking and free standing tubs are what is currently trending.

In bathroom spaces, shower surrounds will start to see a decline and a move to large custom showers moves in.  Showers and tubs will be separate features within the bathroom space.  Showers will be extravagant within themselves.  The use of natural materials, larger showers and multiple fixtures will be the trend over the classic minimal cubical style stand up showers of the past.

The colors used within the bathroom space will be muted.  Gray is a continued favorite in 2016 along with the inclusion of darker hues mixed in.  Shades of charcoal mixed with whites and blacks offer a classic, sophisticated look to any space.  Bathrooms tiles are popular in white paired with a gray color pallet with darker accents to create an elegant spa retreat.  Hues of green, beige, blue and gray are nice to give your bathroom a beach like feel.

The bathroom sink trend of 2016 is moving away from the on counter giant bowl sinks and moving towards deep single sinks.  Incorporating a large vanity with lots of storage is a key element in making large, deep sinks look like an attractive accent within the bathroom space.

When choosing faucets heavy metals are still popular, copper is trendy as is muted black.  Replace gold and polished silver with darker faucets.  The darker trend is not only saved for the faucets within the bathroom.  Lighting options throughout the bathroom should include these darker, heavy metal shades to compliment other fixtures throughout the space.

Accent walls are also common in the bathroom of 2016.  Consider using natural elements to bring character to the space.  Accent walls of the past have always been set apart by using a bold color pallet; this is not so with bathroom renovations of today.  Natural, reclaimed materials that add drama, warmth and character.

Statement flooring in the bathroom is not a trend that is letting up.  The floor is a great pallet that provides an ample area to create something unique.  This is extremely popular with spaces that have no clear wall space that offers an accent feature.  Bringing interest to the bathroom can be difficult is such situations which is when the bathroom flooring becomes extremely important.  Statement tiles and engineered hardwood remain popular trends in bathroom flooring.

With February fast approaching now is the perfect time to make an appointment to meet with residential contractors to discuss plan to revamp your homes bathrooms.

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