Automatic driveway gates are most often installed because homeowners are looking for a way to create a safe environment that is also convenient to their lifestyle.  When it comes to thieves and tricky characters, an automated driveway gate is a deterrent while allowing the homeowners to still easily access the home.  There are plenty of additional benefits that are added when an automatic driveway is installed.

Not only are driveway gates simple to operate they add security to the area both by keeping children and pets in the yard while keeping others from entering the space.  Another benefit with the addition of an automatic driveway gate is the aesthetic value it offers to the property and the increase in worth to your home’s value.  Increasing the value of your home is as simple as installing a motorized gate operator and decorative gate.

The following options are available depending on the type of gate and operator that is chosen for installation:

Opening and Closing Options – Automatic driveway gates come in two different opening options: swinging and sliding.  The motion is performed at the press of a button.

Another feature that is popular when installing automated driveway gates is the anti-crushing feature.  Infra-red beams send signals to sensors which come standard on both slide and swing gates.  If interrupted the beams will send a signal to the beam preventing them from opening or closing.  This prevents the gate from closing when objects are in its path.

Various Operating Settings – The settings on your driveway gate can be customized.  The settings can be set to allow the gate to open differently based on the traffic that is entering and exiting.  If you are opening the gate for pedestrian entry the automatic gate only needs to open a small bit whereas if a car is entering the gate can be set to open the whole way.

Another option that exists is a free exit loop.  This option offers anyone leaving from the property to do so without remote access or without bothering you to exit the driveway.

Countless Control Systems – Homeowners can choose from a variety of control systems when installing an automatic driveway gate.  Wireless keypads, hard wired keypads linked to transmitters, cellular access and manually operated switches are just a few of the most popular options in control systems.

Diverse Powering Systems – Automatic driveway gates can either be ran with electricity, batteries, solar power or a combination of these.  This ensures that the gate has a way of opening even if there is a power failure.

Choosing to install an automatic driveway gate is a smart decision.  Choose the best gate and most superior motor that you can afford.  Cheaper options in driveway gates are available but are not intended for heavy duty, everyday use.  A driveway gate is a convenient way in which to add another level of security to your home environment.

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