When you are replacing your homes roof or repair an existing roof you may be interested in the latest industry trends.  You might not expect to see much change from year to year in an industry such as roofing however with advances in technology and a push to be more consciences of the environment a lot is changing.

One of the biggest changes that we are seeing is in the most tried and true roofing material of them all, the shingle.  Asphalt shingles are the number one choice for roofing contractors and homeowners because of their durability, availability and cost.  Asphalt shingling is an industry leading material in durability and environmentally friendly technology.  One way that technology is changing asphalt shingling is with the use of cooling granules to help make homes more energy efficient.

Another trend or change in roofing is color options available.  Lighter roofing materials are being used as they lessen the extreme costs of cooling a home during the winter months.  Expect to see a growth in gray and blues for rooftops this year.

As a society we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly.  We are moving past just the simple everyday such as separating plastic and paper and turning eco-friendly as a complete lifestyle.  More and more green building materials are available on the market including roofing.  Solar panels that convert the sun’s power into electricity are more prevalent as they cost effective and reduce the negative effects roofing has on the environment.

When you are picking out a roofing material for your home it is important to consider more than just industry trends.  You need to take into account the homes style, the neighborhood and numerous additional items.  Answer the following questions when working with your roofing contractor to determine the best roofing materials for your new or replacement roof.

  • What type of weight can your existing roof framing hold? Are you prepared to add special framing if the material you want to use outweighs the existing frame source?
  • Is the material you are considering available in multiple colors and style that will ultimately compliment your home?
  • Do the materials meet local area fire specifications?
  • Are there special requirements in maintenance or installation to consider?
  • Is the material good for the climate that the home is located in? Will it offer peak performance for the weather?  If you have changing seasons will it adjust to each?
  • Also compare the material cost, life span, warranty, and labor expense; is one roofing material clearly better than all the rest?

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