Winter is the perfect time of year to start planning for your aluminum fence.  Taking time to plan for the purchase now will ensure that you are settled on the details and your order is complete to be shipped at a later time of your choosing.  Working with an online aluminum fence supplier that offers full service throughout the planning, design, ordering and installation process; thus saving you time and money while ensuring a successful project.  Don’t gamble with shopping carts when you can work with companies that provide expert customer service while still enabling you to order online.

One of the most important things you can do is familiarize yourself with the variety of aluminum fence panels and options that are available.  This will help to ensure that your expectations are obtainable. Aluminum fencing comes in a several different grades.  You can choose from residential, pool, commercial and industrial grade fence panels.  The styles of aluminum fence available also vary a great deal.  It is nice to understand, before you are ready to order, the options available and what upgrades are available with each style.

When you have come to a basic understanding of the style and grade of fencing you are looking for the next step is to begin laying out the area that is to be fenced in.  This requires taking time to measure the space and to plan for gate entrance and exits.  You need to look at the existing landscape as well.   It is crucial that you accommodate landscape features that are permanent.  Make a simple drawing of the area; include measurements and details of the space.  This will not only be useful for you but to the fence expert that will assist you.

From your drawing the process of determining the needed fencing materials will be simplified.   From your drawing and measurements you can determine how many fence panels, end posts, transition posts, line posts and corner posts you will need.  You need to consider the width of the gates you want to install as well.  This is where the project tends to become overwhelming for beginners.  When you work with an online company that offers a full service approach you will be able to fax or email them your drawing.  They will then be able to better assist you in preparing to order your new aluminum fence.

Planning for your new fence is takes as much preparation, if not more, than the installation process.  If you take the time now to thoroughly plan and order the