Marketing your product is essential to allow your brand flourish.  The steps you take within your marketing plan from packaging and labeling to the placement and product itself.  When it comes to identifying your product it is crucial that the products packaging and labeling is not only informational but also one in which draws attention to your target clientele.  If you fail to show interest in the design of your product label or packaging you will decrease your product visibility therefore hindering your sales.


Packaging plays a vital role in marketing your product: containment, protection, promotion, usefulness and environmental impact.  It is fairly obvious why the containment and protection of your product is important to the marketing plan.  Without a product that is usable at the time when people purchase it you have nothing.  The package is also such a huge part of the promotion of your product.

A package that stands out lends itself to greater visibility. Develop a package that is useful.  When you can use and reuse the container the product comes in without having to transfer it to another package to keep it fresh the product becomes even more marketable.  Convenience and ease of use is something all consumers are looking for.  The final factor, environmental impact, is important to ensure that the package facilitates recycling and reduces the effect it has on the environment.


Your label is what delivers your sales message from the shelf.  Not only is the design important but also the label material you choose; it must work well with the package you choose.  When it comes to your products label there are several techniques and materials to choose from: cut & stack labels, pressure sensitive, roll-fed labeling, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging.

Your label must fit the product package while providing an eye catching design and valuable product information.  The label design should promote good will within your target market.  Show your customers that your company and the product they are about to buy fit their values and beliefs.  For example, employ terms that promote a healthy lifestyle and images of smiling active kids and adults when selling food products that you want to sell to promote fitness and healthy living.

Don’t forget that the label must contain certain criteria like a UPC code.  Make sure that information does not take up valuable design space on the front of the label.  The front of your label should only include the information and design that is going to sell your product.  If the nutritional information sells your product than put it on the front of the design otherwise it should be placed on the back of the label.  The front of the label should be attractive and provide information that will make your target market gravitate toward it instead of the competition.

Your label should include a notable logo and recognizable design.  Bright colors and the shape of your products package will all come into play.  Incorporate this mixture into your marketing mix and you can guarantee a product that stands above the competition.

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