Folks in the north have already been experiencing some super cold winter temperatures this year. With colder temperatures comes the need to take special care of outside electrical systems. The cold weather is an obstacle for electronics. Most are rated for all weather conditions but when those conditions turn extreme as they have been in past years it is important to take special care to ensure that they remain unscathed by the frosty temperatures.

Gate operators that make it possible to remotely enter your community or driveway are one of the pieces of equipment that require special care when winter approaches. In order to ensure that the electronic entrance gate continues to work properly winter preparations need to be taken to prepare the gate operator. Here are some tips on how to properly prepare your electronic driveway gate for the northern winter climate.

5 Tips For Proper Gate Operator Care In The Winter

Before you have your gate operator installed be sure to ask questions related to how well the operators performs in inclement weather. Purchase an operator that is specifically made for the most extreme conditions your area has experienced. Purchasing a gate operator that is specifically built for your weather will help to ensure it remains functional throughout even the harshest winter conditions.

Inspect the belts that are used throughout the gate operator. If you see any signs of wear the belts should be replaced. Check the belt for divots, cracks and stress fractures. If any wear or the belts alignment is questionable it is time to replace the belt. Don’t have the wait until it breaks mentality. Prevention is the key element to avoid costly repairs later on. Also, working on gate operators is more favorable in weather that is not bone chilling.

In the late fall grease the hinges on the electronic entry gate. This is true of both swing gates and sliding gates. All fittings should be greases using sufficient lubricant. Check out the owner’s manual on both the gate and operator to be sure you have not missed any area that should be greased. If the gate sticks or is left to freeze this adds additional stress on the opening and closing mechanism. The gate operator will try to open the gate even when it is frozen. This will create a great deal of stress on the operator and the gate.

Inspect gears internally on the gate operator. Be sure to check the type of grease you are using to ensure it is the proper type for your operator. There are special lubricants that are created with your gate in mind.

The last tip should be fairly simple to achieve; use your gate frequently especially when temperatures are cold. When a gate sits it is likely to be prone to breaking. Using the gate keeps the hinges moving, the operator running and the inner gears stay flexible.

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