In today’s society there are fewer and fewer seniors choosing to live their lives in independent care facilities instead option to age in place as long as they possibly can.  When an older adult choose to continue caring for themselves there are special precautions that loves ones can take to ensure that they continue to be safe on their own.  Daily living needs change in the elderly including a person’s mobility.  This is a particular challenge when the winter months are upon us.

When an elder person lives on their own or perhaps in the care of another senior there are special challenges to overcome in the winter.  This is especially true with those seeking to live in more isolated, suburban areas.  As winter moves in the colder temperatures set in.  Seniors are highly susceptible to catching a chill because of their lack of circulation and with taking certain medicines.  Because of this it is important that we take several precautions to help older adults aging in place throughout the winter.

Often times cranking the heat is not an answer many retirees can afford.  To beat the chill without selling your soul to the utility company follow the suggestions below.

Cold air can find a way into the home through even the tiniest of holes.  When looking at keeping seniors warm without heavy duty age in place remodeling such as new heavily insulated windows try using winter weight curtains.  Keeping curtains closed at all times will help keep the heat in.  You can increase the warmth by adding weather stripping and plastic on older windows as well.  To compensate for the loss of light the windows provide be sure to add additional lighting to rooms.

Help seniors rearrange furniture in a fashion that allows them to avoid sitting directly in front of areas that are drafty.  Sitting directly in front of the path of a cold draft will guarantee a chill.  Instead move the furniture and that favorite chair closer to the sources of heat within the room.

Take loved ones out to shop for indoor winter clothing.  It is advisable that seniors choose clothing that can be layered that are both warm and comfortable.  Socks and slippers with grips are a must and can help save a lot of body heat from escaping.

Slippery steps and handicap ramps can make leaving the house incredibly challenging for seniors.  Hire a snow removal crew to come in and shovel as well as put salt in place.  The small amount that you will pay for this service is recouped ten times over with the money saved from hospitals stays with broken bones from falling on ice.

As with any other time of year it is important to put in to place a set of safety guidelines for elderly parents to abide by.  Winter presents challenges for everyone but especially those aging in place.  Check on seniors every day to determine if the heat is running and to ensure they are safe throughout the cold winter months.

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